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 Why Frozen?

Keeping it clean, nutritious and fresh!

Research shows frozen fruits and vegetables retain as much as or MORE nutrients and antioxidants when they are frozen because the freezing process naturally preserves them from degradation. This is due to the fact that produce can lose its nutritional value the longer it sits out past its harvest date due to enzymatic activity and oxidation. Once the fruits and vegetable age, they are more likely to lose moisture, have a greater risk of spoiling and drop in nutrient value.

What you see is what you get!

No preservatives or additives just curated with quality ingredients to energize, improve health, build immunity and satisfy your hunger without the stress!

Why the heck do we kale?

I’m glad you asked.

Our passion for health, wellness, and nutrition drives our belief that combining a variety of fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices and supplements to create delicious smoothies shouldn’t be stressful or overwhelming - It should be easy and convenient while also appreciating the health benefits associated with each sip.

Our services:

It’s easy (there’s a pattern here ;)) -

Choose between a variety of smoothie recipes for just $6/7 dollars/pack. We will be offering seasonal smoothies to keep things exciting. 

We DELIVER each order to all locals and make arrangements for pickups for anyone outside of Stratford. All of the packaged smoothies are vacuum sealed so you don’t have to worry about shelf life, as long as they are kept frozen!

Once you are ready to make your smoothie, whether that's before running out the door in the morning, a mid-day snack, post-workout recovery or a meal replacement follow the instructions below:

Add a liquid of your choice (ie, water, almond milk, dairy milk, etc.) and the smoothie contents into a blender, press blend until smooth, pour into a cup and cheers your neighbour then drink up!